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a microphone that is sitting on a stand
a microphone that is sitting on a stand

Yes! You CAN learn to love your voice!!

No two lessons are ever the same. Every student who comes through my door is a unique individual with different needs, abilities, and goals. I don't want you to become who I or anyone else thinks you "should" be; I want you to become who YOU were created to be, which only YOU can truly define!

This doesn't mean I won't challenge you or stretch you beyond what you think you are capable of; growth can't happen if you don't step outside the comfort zone.

No vocal style or musical genre is inherently better or worse than another. I will not force you to sing any type of music you don't want to. Again, I always encourage growth and exploration. But if something doesn't motivate you enough to truly want to do the work, I'd be doing you a disservice if I were to force you to continue, so don't be afraid to speak up!

The human life journey and the vocal journey cannot be separated. It is a great privilege for me to witness the tremendous personal growth in my students that comes along with the vocal and musical growth.

I love helping my students discover they can do things and stretch themselves far beyond they ever thought possible. Many people make the mistake of assuming our voices are set and fixed from birth, you've got what you've got, you either won the genetic lottery or you didn't. Nothing could be further from the truth! Like athletic training, our voices are incredibly flexible and versatile, and can be trained and coordinated just like the rest of the muscles in our body. Combined with each person's completely unique anatomy, the possiblities are endless!

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About Danise

Danise Esswein is an experienced singer, guitarist, and voice teacher from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. From humble beginnings, Danise began her musical journey at the tender age of five, learning fundamental music theory by playing an old electric keyboard in the corner of her parents' bedroom in rural northeastern Wisconsin. As a young, hyperactive child with parents and teachers desperate to help her direct her energy in places other than the classroom or the kitchen table, Danise soon discovered that the stage was her home away from home. Acting, dancing, singing, she did it all.

Danise continued to stay active in music throughout her adolescent years, where she began to fall even deeper in love with music and performing arts, particularly the world of singing. For over 15 years, Danise has made it her mission to develop her voice to its highest possible glory. Blessed with the opportunity to have private voice training all throughout high school, Danise is intimately aware of the inseparable connection of the singer's vocal journey with the human life journey. She believes it's never too early or too late for anyone to start on a new path, or pick up right where you left off.

Danise continued her music and voice education at Millikin University in Decatur, IL, in their commercial music program. It was here where discovered a new way to use her talents: as a Christian worship leader. She traveled throughout the Midwest performing with various groups in both church and secular settings.

In 2016, Danise was presented with a unique opportunity to help with a church plant. She is an original member of the music team at what became City of Light Church, a growing, thriving, multiethnic community of believers, serving in Milwaukee, WI. Danise continues to lead worship regularly during Sunday experiences, and has performed at many church-sponsored events.

Since making Milwaukee her home, Danise began venturing into musical territories she had not yet discovered at that point. She resumed regular voice lessons, picked up acoustic and classical guitar, and recorded some original music of her own. She greatly enjoys playing and singing around the city and state. She's even performed at the Resch Center, Fiserv Forum, and Summerfest!

In 2022, Danise took off into yet another new territory when she was accepted into the highly acclaimed voice teacher training program at New York Vocal Coaching in New York City. As a recent graduate of the 50-hour program, Danise has already discovered newfound passion and success in the world of voice teaching. Students love her personalized, custom approach to their specific vocal needs and goals in a fun, supportive, judgement-free environment.

Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned voice veteran, looking for lessons for children or adults, Danise can do it all and would LOVE to meet you!