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Lord Hear My Song
Denae Records


Danise is touching the hearts of many with effervescent contemporary Christian music. The singer born Danise Danielle Esswein has a Praise and Worship style reminiscent of Hillsong drawing people closer to God with beautiful lyrics and tones. The singer left humble beginnings in small town Cleveland to follow her musical calling in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Danise shares a heartfelt thanks and praises God for a new beginning in “Lord Hear My Song”. Milwaukee is where Danise blossomed becoming an active Praise and Worship leader in the area. The Midwestern singer not only draws inspiration from life experiences but also Pop and R&B greats Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Kelly Clarkson, Demi Lovato, Christina Aguilera, Carrie Underwood, Pink and Tori Kelly. Danise belts out notes and gives audiences chills much like greats mentioned.

In 2016, Danise joined the City of Light church music ministry team in Milwaukee leading souls to Christ with her powerful testimony. “Lord Hear My Song” released in November 2017 received critical acclaim certifying Danise as a rising star Contemporary Christian artist. Danise follows up “Lord Here My Song” with a debut EP entitled “Love Is Here” out August 2018. The EP including the tracks “Sparkle in My Eyes”, “Eternal Life”, and “Following You” is sure to inspire listeners worldwide.

Danise has the following message for new fans: “the love of God lives inside of us, loving us as we are and more than we can ever imagine!” Danise has a special gift and talent winning over many for the glory of God. The singer’s message is not only inspirational, but transformative seeking to diversify Praise and Worship teams across America. Danise is taking not just music but Christianity to new levels encouraging more leadership that represents America’s diverse racial and ethnic groups. For leaders, Danise believes that “in the Christian music industry, we must be deliberate in our efforts to foster a diverse and inclusive community of musicians and performers from all ethnic backgrounds, so we can deliver the message loud and clear that all types of people belong in the family of God.”

In these four songs, [Danise] speaks to us from an earnest, unrefined place of true emotion whilst exuding a confidence that is nothing short of magnetic and contagious.
— Anne Hollister, The Indie Source
Danise...is only at the start of her career, but if Love is Here is merely setting the benchmark for what listeners and critics can anticipate from her...this won’t be the last time you see her name in print.
— Sebastian Cole, Gashouse Radio



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